Watermelon Mountains. A Food Photography Inspiration.

Watermelon mountains. The summer sun is fading fast and soon fresh watermelon in New Jersey will be no more, or shipped from far and wide, without the same fresh sweet ripeness. The piles of fresh summer fruit are shrinking, and I have been inspired to capture images that are quickly fading.

After posting yesterday’s blog post, highlighting the blueberry as my subject, I wanted to see what creative inspiration I could find today, without having to take a trip down to the local market to see what inspiration I could find.


I wanted to capture the essence of what my iPhone captured in this photo. (Above: ISO200 F6 1/160 with my Canon T41)

Here is the photo I took with my iPhone, which I use to set up the shot and get my composition right, trying out different angles and seeing what works and what doesn’t.


Reflector card, of course, to capture the highlights on the melting watermelon mountains.

Watermelon Food Photography Set Up

Another photo taken with my iPhone – again, not a bad shot, but I wanted some green, which of course if on the outer rind, with some interesting patterns you can’t get inside the fruit. There were some water highlights, which I like to capture in my food photos to convey a sense of juiciness. After all, water is in the name, right? Watermelon.

Watermelon (5)

Would I capture the watermelon mountains spaced apart? Again, iPhone test shots, looking for the right angle and story with the morning light coming through the window, softly diffused.

Watermelon (3)

A photo from the front with a slight angle? No, hills aren’t really spaced evenly apart.

Watermelon (2)

Just a small benefit of food photography…When I’m finished, I get to eat it! What summer fruit would you like to see next? Drop me a line at @vickiesicnj




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