The Secret to Great Roasted Baby Potatoes

Roasted Baby Potatoes Red Peppers FinishI admit it. I’m the first to go right for the potatoes no matter what is served. Side of fries, hash browns, you name it. it’s easy to go right in for the potatoes before committing to the rest of your meal.

Today I am on duty to make the side dishes for a Jets pre-game tailgate. No salads, I get it. I know that potatoes are a favorite and I’ve made these before, so this time, with DSLR at the ready to get some food shots, I thought I’d take an interesting perspective and shoot throughout the slow roasting process over one hour.

The trick to this recipe is adding small slices of red pepper in with the potatoes. They will roast alongside and carmelize, adding a nice smoky sweetness to the mix. (For a great video, which gave me this tip, I have to give props to Chef John, of Foodwishes.

Recipe for Roasted Potatoes

1 small bag of baby potatoes (about 1-2 pounds)
1/2 red pepper
olive oil to coat potatoes
fresh thyme
fresh rosemary
salt and pepper to taste.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Cut potatoes in half.  If there are larger ones in the mix, cut  them in quarters, trying to get all potatoes evenly sized.  Cut pepper into small strips.  Coat roasting pan with generous amount of olive oil and toss potatoes and peppers in the pan.  Spread them across the pan evenly.  Put thyme (I leave them in small strips) and rosemary (I chop the leaves finely). on top of the mixture.  Salt and pepper to your liking.

Roast potatoes on middle rack, and toss with spatula every 15 minutes.  The potatoes will be crispy, golden brown color, at the last pass.  See my photos below as a guide.

Roasted Baby Potatoes with Red Peppers - Start

Step 1: Coat potatoes and red peppers evenly with olive oil on baking sheet.


Here is the first turn of the potatoes at 15 minutes.


After half an hour, you’ll start to notice the potatoes getting a golden color.

GOAL! After one hour, the crispy potatoes will have a creamy center. Don’t be afraid if the roasted pepper burned a bit – they are easy enough to remove, but quite truthfully I enjoy them that way.

I hope you enjoy this video that inspired me to do this digital food photography post on roasted potatoes.  Nothing like a  good visual to get you started!



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