Happy 7th Anniversary Lee’s Sushi of Wayne, NJ – Japanese/Korean Food Heaven

Baked seasoned rice in shell appetizerI was introduced to Lee’s Sushi last year. I love sushi, and was not familiar with some of the local favorites for sushi in the Wayne, NJ area. I was introduced to Lee’s Sushi, on Route 23, in the Staples shopping center. I would never have seen the treasure driving by at a Route 23 (without traffic!) pace.

Today is the restaurant’s 7 year anniversary, and I only found out about it yesterday. They are having some special giveaways – I wish they had an e-mail list, or were on facebook. Definitely would have liked to come and check it out.

The menu has a good selection of sushi dishes, bento boxes for variety, and Korean dishes, with favorites that include Bi Bim Bop and Bulgogi.

Korean cuisine is traditionally served with appetizers, so it is a nice touch that Lee’s offers, with a baked shell topped with seasoned rice. It is very flavorful and whets the appetite nicely.

We enjoyed a chicken bulgogi combination box, with fried rice, vegetables and a california roll.

Chicken bulgogi combination box












One of the highlights of this plate is a shrimp that is fried, wrapped with thin noodles and topped with a teriyaki sauce. Delicious.
noodle wrapped shrimp

Noodle wrapped shrimp - a look inside

It was a chilly night out, so I always love to warm it up with a bowl of soup. Nabe yake udon for me, please. So filling, I’m having the rest for lunch today. Two means out of one – gotta love it.

Nabe yake udon soup

A very happy anniversary to you Lee’s Sushi! Thank you for making Japanese/Korean food convenient to get to in Wayne – it’s nice to have a little international culture that’s fun to eat so close to home.



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