Duncan Hines Apple Cinnamon Muffins a Hit

On a very chilly morning, I decided to bake muffins. I had picked up a box of Duncan Hines mix in my pantry, not knowing what to expect, as I had made a batch of muffins from a mix (brand name to go unknown) and the batter was very gloppy and did not go in the pan easily, leading to unevenly sized and a messy muffin pan.

I let the muffin mix sit for about 5 minutes after I stirred in the ingredients. It was very easy to scoop into the muffin tin as the previous mix I used from another brand was just very gloppy.

They came out just like the picture on the box, and the aroma was heavenly. I only wish they made a larger size box so I could make a ton of these and freeze them!



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